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Can Champagne Prevent Memory Loss?

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As awards season kicks into full gear, you may soon find yourself with a glass of Champagne in hand. That festive flute of bubbly may actually boost your brainpower, based on a study that some media reports are dubbing the “glass a day keeps dementia away” plan.

The research study, conducted by the U.K.’s University of Reading, revealed that rats with Champagne mixed into their diet were able to recall where a piece of food was hidden in a maze more efficiently than rats who hadn’t had Champagne.


Researchers believe that the phenolic compounds found in two varieties of grapes used in the making of most Champagnes—pinot noir and pinot meunier grapes—improve spatial memory by favorably altering the amount of proteins in the brain linked to effective memory storage.

Dr. David Vauzour, the researcher on the study, says previous research has already shown the benefit of “other polyphenol-rich foods, such as blueberry and cocoa, and we predict similar outcomes for moderate Champagne intake on cognition in humans.”

Read more about all the buzz over this bubbly study at Cosmopolitan.

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