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Campari Ring Pops Are Here to Make All Your Dreams Come True

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(image: Sweet Saba)

Ah, ring pops. Those sweet diamond-shaped candies were the stuff of childhood dreams, worn on your finger like a little trophy you could eat all day—until your hands ended up a stained, sticky mess.

Playing to our nostalgia, candy company Sweet Saba has teamed up with Campari to create a special-edition candy crystal cocktail ring for $62. The bitter Italian liqueur appears crystal-shaped and sits atop an adjustable silver setting.


Sweet Saba will donate 10 percent of the proceeds from the candy to benefit City Harvest, a New York nonprofit that rescues excess food from restaurants and retailers and distributes it to the hungry. The artful candy producer is known for creative creations, from evil eye candy to eyewear lollipops.

The ring doesn’t contain any actual alcohol, since it cooks off as the candy is made, but the clever design sure would make a stunning cocktail garnish. We wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more of these popping up in the future. Are alcoholic ring pops the new boozy gummy bears?


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