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Cachaça 51. Up Close (Partner Tip)

Take a closer look at your summer cocktail.

Have you ever wondered what secrets lie beneath the sweet-tart surface of a Caipirinha? Cachaça 51, the brand behind the world’s best-selling sugar cane spirit, discovered the surprisingly beautiful answers.

Cachaça 51 commissioned artist and photographer Paulo Eduardo Dulla to dive deep into the soul of the Brazilian spirit, and Dulla took that challenge literally. When placed under a microscope, his Caipirinha-laced slides displayed a stunning series of colorful images that channeled the beauty of Brazil’s famous beaches. The photos flowed with brilliant blue, green and sunny yellow hues that can only result from the fresh combination of cachaça, lime and sugar. No wonder Caipirinhas make the perfect summer drink, they’re practically begging to be drunk beachside!


Thanks to that trusty microscope, you can finally see what you’re tasting when you sip Cachaça 51 in your cocktails: Brazil’s freshest possible spirit paired with nature’s vibrant charm, mingling together in one cool glass.

Take a look for yourself.

Brands: Cachaca 51

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