Will Budweiser’s Screw-Up Ruin Super Bowl Parties?

photo: @Kurtvarner via Twitter

This Sunday, Super Bowl 50 will feature a battle between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos, but today’s matchup pits the mighty San Francisco Hills versus the Bud Light Trucks.

Twitter user @Kurtvarner documents a rather amusing situation: A Bud Light delivery truck—presumably en route to restock the signature beer of the city’s controversial Super Bowl City party zone—bottomed out while making a turn atop a busy Nob Hill summit, tying up traffic and providing a perfect “only in San Francisco” story for tourists on the city’s famous cable cars.

No word at press time as to whether this mishap will cause the price of Bud Light to skyrocket above the already crazy $8 a cup they’re charging at Super Bowl City, but we’ll keep you posted.




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