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Can a Breaking Bad Themed Bar Be Any Good?

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It’s been nearly two years since the last episode of Breaking Bad aired, but that hasn’t stopped addicts of the meth-centric show from seeking out more Heisenberg highs.

From Better Call Saul, the arguably great spinoff about Walter White’s reluctant lawyer, to the range of odd memorials around Albuquerque (RV location tours, “meth-sprinkled” donuts and a self-guided pizza toss at the White family home). Full disclosure: The last one isn’t a real tour, and the real residents are not happy about it.

Given that the show is about a psychotic, manipulative monster who peddles destructive street drugs, it’s more than a bit odd to see it get the Maps to the Stars treatment. Stranger still is a new pop-up bar 5,000 miles away in East London that allows you to “cook” your own BB-themed cocktails in—what else?—an RV.

Get Cooking

For just $35 per person, the folks at ABQ offer you an invitation to make two “chemically pure and stable” cocktails inside the RV.

In the interest of verisimilitude, the interior is crammed full of scientific glassware, dry ice and an ominous HEISENBERG scrawled on the wood paneling. Hazmat-suited staff walk you through your cook, and there’s even a scowling White look-alike for your selfie needs. Need a souvenir? There’s a small gift shop where you can buy meth candy or a creepy recreation of the plane crash teddy bear.

Is this whole enterprise brilliant, terrible or just dumb? In a word: yes.

Give the People What They Want?

Locappy, the brains behind the pop-up, seems to have a knack for combining questionable judgment with a P.T. Barnumesque understanding of viral marketing. Case in point: its last effort, a bar filled with live owls, Annie the Owl, received nearly 80,000 participant applications and a Change.org petition against it with more than 30,000 names.

So far, more than 45,000 people have signed up for the ABQ experience. If you’re looking to buy tickets that are sold out on ABQ’s site or are want to sell or exchange tickets for dates you can no longer make, visit the Facebook ticket exchange. Or just show up and politely but firmly remind them who’s the one who knocks.

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