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5 Showstopping Punches That Shine a Spotlight on Bourbon

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Celebrate #30DaysofBourbon by drinking the brown stuff like you mean it.

The best way to celebrate a month devoted to bourbon? Pour your bottles into a party-fueling punch.


There are plenty of suitable partners for your favorite brown spirit. Spiced cider, Aperol and Green Chartreuse are all standing by the phone, waiting for your call.

1. Knockout Bourbon Punch

image: gardenandgun.com 

The reason this punch bowl’s such a knockout? Probably has something to do with the full bottle of cinnamon-infused bourbon inside. As if that wasn’t boozy enough, the bourbon’s joined by a generous float of Madeira, that delicious fortified Portuguese wine. An infusion of ginger, lemon and cranberry juices follows before a grand finale of sparkling water and freshly grated nutmeg. Wham bam! Get the recipe.

2. Bourbon Slush Punch

You won’t mind a bit of brain freeze when your lips hit this chuggable frozen punch. Brew two sleeves of your favorite black tea and add them to a pitcher with bourbon, sugar and orange and lemon juices. Blend that citrusy elixir with plenty of ice and presto! Your new favorite slushy is born. Get the recipe.

3. Cider Bourbon Punch

image: shopterrain.com 

With fall lurking around the corner, it’s officially acceptable to break out the cider-centric recipes. Spice a punch bowl of bourbon and apple cider with a flurry of cinnamon, nutmeg and bitters and add a slug of golden honey for understated sweetness. Get the recipe.

4. The Darcy & Micawber Punch 

The breakout stars of this rabble-rousing punch? The original partystarters: Bénédictine and Green Chartreuse. Those intensely herbal, centuries-old liqueurs add botanical depth to this blend of bourbon, Pinot noir and lemon juice. Surely this is what the ancient monks had in mind when they devised their secret medicinal recipes. Right? Get the recipe.

5. Rosemary, Baby! Punch

 image: nerdswithknives.com 

Puns will take you far in the punch world. The proof’s in this frisky batch of bourbon laced with rosemary-infused Aperol, honey syrup and sparkling wine. Bonus points if you serve it alongside a showing of the classic horror film. Get the recipe.

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