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Boozy Wine Ice Cream Is Here to Save the Day

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Fruit ice-cream in ice-cream cones.

What’s better than eating a bowl of ice cream and drinking a glass of wine? Having both in one convenient carton. Baltimore’s Crossroad Co. knows this, so it developed the boozy snack of your dreams: Winecream.

The process for making Winecream is just as cool as its concept. “Supercharged” fruit wines—in flavors such as mixed berry, pineapple, strawberry and peach—are mixed with a cream and sugar base, mix-ins like fresh fruit or nuts are added in, and then it’s all flash-frozen with liquid nitrogen to make an ice cream that has an ABV of 10 percent, about the same as a glass of wine.

Crossroad Co. has been whipping up the drunken ice cream and other frozen treats at festivals and private events since 2014, but now is the first time it will be expanding to sell in more places, including online.

“We’ll be offering pints for sale in stores with alcoholic retail licenses in the Maryland/D.C. area starting this summer,” Katie Gorham, the owner and managing member of Crossroad Co., said in an email to Thrillist. The company hopes to expand shipping and in-store sales to other states soon. If you’re lucky enough to live in D.C. or Maryland, you can preorder pints of Chocolate Covered Strawberry or Mixed Berry flavors now for $15 from Crossroad Co.’s online store.

Read more about this tipsy concoction at Thrillist.

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