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Boozy Valentine’s Day Gifts

On Valentine’s Day, your sweetie can wear not only your heart on his or her sleeve but also your favorite drink. Beauty companies around the world have dreamed up a range of boozy products, everything from absinthe-scented hand soap to perfume inspired by the distinct floral and citrus aromas of gin.

As odd as this may sound, the connection between alcohol and beauty goes back centuries, since the process for producing both perfume and spirits is quite similar. Perfumers employ a refined palate and mixological skills that are not that different than those used by whiskey blenders and bartenders.


But don’t worry: These creations are more sophisticated than just dabbing a bit of single malt behind your ears and on your wrists; they’re balanced like a fine cocktail.

No matter what your Valentine likes to drink, we’re sure you’ll find something that he or she will enjoy in our Valentine’s Day gift guide. Save the chocolate and flowers for next year!

Find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift in our Boozy Beauty Products slideshow.

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