Boozy Jelly is Here to Upgrade Your PB&J

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(image: Drunk Jelly)

It’s time to rummage through the fridge and throw out the boring grape jelly hiding behind the milk, because there’s a new jelly in town. And rumor has it it’s rosé flavored.

Drunk Jelly, a company based in California, just debuted a rosé flavor, joining its already existing lineup of pinot grigio, merlot and pinot noir. The new flavor is made from a sweet rosé and has hints of cherry, watermelon and lime. When purchasing, you can choose from the four ounce jar at $6 or an eight-ounce jar for $9. But if you’re buying boozy jelly, you may as well sample them all—a Flight Wine package includes all seven flavors for $35.


Between drive-thrus, gummy bears and now jelly, the summer of rosé continues, and we’re certainly not complaining. And even though this product is nonalcoholic, we’re sure that a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will be consumed in our near future.

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