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Move Over, Red and White. Now There’s Blue Wine.

One wine, two wine, red wine … blue wine? Yes, indeed. An irreverent group of Basque winemakers has introduced a Smurf-blue wine called Gik.

“Forget traditions and forget that we are speaking about the liquid, which represents the blood of Christ at church,” says the press release.


The group responsible for the azure beverage says its team is made up of artists and designers “in their twenties and have no previous experience” in the wine industry. Food + Wine reports that the sweet wine’s color comes from a mix of grape skin extract and natural indigo dye, the same colorant traditionally used to create denim for blue jeans.

Priced at €10 ($11.25) a bottle, the wine is available as single or in packages of two, six or 12 bottles from Gik’s online store for customers in Europe. The brand plans a North American release in the coming months, so you have some time to plan the perfect Instagram shot for next year’s Fourth of July celebrations.

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