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Blue Wine Is Finally Coming to the US

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Whether they’re downing Unicorn Frappuccinos or visiting the Color Factory museum, Americans have proved their fascination with bright colors is here to stay. You’ve probably heard of blue wine, the neon nectar that debuted in 2015. In fact, there’s also a blue prosecco on the market these days. But until now, the bright blue vino wasn’t available in the U.S.

Gik, the producer of the blue specialty, said bottles will be in stores in Miami, Boston and Texas beginning in September. The company’s production was delayed after battling a regulatory controversy in their home country of Spain. The Spanish government fined Gik, in addition to forcing the company to relabel bottles to indicate it as “99 percent wine and 1 percent grape must” since Spanish law indicates that only red or white wine can be sold locally.


The blue hue comes from mixing white and red grapes with two different natural substances: indigo dye and anthocyanin, a pigment found on grape skin. Co-founder Aritz López told Eater after the initial U.S. launch that the team hopes to target New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Washington and soon California and Nevada.


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