Burger King’s Lucky Charm Shake—Adultified

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Lucky Charms Shake (Image: Burger King)

Cereal lovers, rejoice. A few months ago, Burger King released a Froot Loops Shake that really shook up the fast food industry. But for you real avid cereal lovers out there, there’s even more magical news coming. This week, the fast food chain has launched a Lucky Charms Shake at participating locations, and it looks exactly like it did in your childhood dreams.

If you were like most kids growing up, you believed that the marshmallows in Lucky Charms were a sugary gift from the Heavens. And if you still believe that, mad props to you. But now it’s time to grow up.

So what could make this nostalgic-filled shake better? Irish whiskey. You could use bourbon or rye whiskey as well, but regardless of the spirit, about two ounces of booze will make the shake even more magically delicious.



If Lucky Charms really isn’t your cereal of choice, we have other boozy cereal options that your inner child will love.


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