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7 Best Rums Under $50

You know who knows best which bottles to buy? The people who pour and sell drinks—that’s who. We asked dozens of top bartending and spirits industry professionals to tell us which bottles they love and why.

Heads up: The numerical order below is not organized by importance or quality; it’s a list, not a ranking. Prices are averages and can vary state to state.

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“This stuff is both a cult favorite and a crowd pleaser. It won best new product at Tales of the Cocktail this year and is great neat, on ice or in a cocktail. I’ve tasted this rum straight from the vat as the pineapples imparted their goodness. Trust when I say this is magic in a bottle.”—Karin Stanley, co-owner of Dutch Kills and bartender at Little Branch and Suffolk Arms

“A great rum for the price either as a sipper or in a cocktail. It has great notes of orange, honey and baking spices.”—James Bolt, beverage director and host bartender at The Gin Joint

“This solera-aged rum has been my No. 1 pick for many years. Great to sip and beautiful in cocktails, it is full-bodied and incredibly versatile.”—Michael J. Neff, bar director at Holiday Cocktail Lounge

4. Barbancourt Estate Reserve 15 Years ($44)

“Sooo smooth! Fifteen-year-old Haitian rhum agricole that’s a great sipper neat or on the rocks.”—Zach Lynch, bar manager at The Ice Plant and brand ambassador at St. Augustine Distillery Co.

5. El Dorado 15 Years Special Reserve ($48)

“Tremendous flavor with tremendous smoothness makes this rhum agricole one of the finest in the world at any price.”—Gary Patrick Crunkleton, bartender at and owner of The Crunkleton

6. Havana Club Selección de Maestros ($49)

“If you haven’t heard of it, you soon will. Incredible blend of Havana Club’s best casks.”—Ryan Maybee, co-owner of Manifesto and The Rieger and co-founder of J. Rieger & Co.

“Rhum agricole has a wild, grassy character that’s tamed well by barrel aging. This bottle is best consumed straight from the bottle while floating in the ocean off Martinique but still tastes delicious sitting on your porch.”—Michael J. Neff, bar director at Holiday Cocktail Lounge

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