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The 5 Best Drinking Songs From the Movies

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The drunken singalong is a tradition probably as old as getting drunk. So it makes sense that all types of movies have celebrated it. From the chaotic “Louie Louie” in Animal House to the foreboding, zombie-accompanied “White Lines” in the 2004 “zom-com,” Shaun of the Dead. These characters definitely couldn’t pass a breathalyzer, but they can (mostly…) carry a tune.

Read on for the full list—and add your own favorite outbursts in the comments below.


Jaws, “Show Me the Way to Go Home”

After bonding over scars and listening to Captain Quint’s terrifying tale of the sinking of the Indianapolis, the three men engage in the logical next step of drunken male bonding: loud, slurred singing.

It’s all sort of for naught: Nothing sobers you up like a giant man-eating white shark knocking your boat to bits.

Animal House, “Louie Louie”

The version by the men (boys?) of Delta Tau Chi is only one of hundreds of versions of this rowdy, nearly unintelligible classic. In fact, the track’s indeterminable lyrics and association with partying led to the FBI investigating The Kingsmen—performers of the most famous version—for obscenity in 1965. Though the lyrical obscenity claims never held water, the myth of Louie Louie became its legacy, and it continues to inspire debauchery today.

Shaun of the Dead, “White Lines”

In its inspired opening riffs on modern life, protagonist Shaun (Simon Pegg) is so dulled to the world around him, he fails to notice the growing zombie menace.

As the signs multiply, Shaun and his equally oblivious friend Ed drunkenly stumble home from a bar, singing the Grandmaster Flash classic “White Lines (Don’t Do It)”—with a little help from the undead.

Can’t Hardly Wait, “Paradise City”

Sure, it might have only made him popular for the night, but how can you not love a scene where the nerdy outcast rips his shirt in half, gets flashed, crowd surfs and makes out all while singing a Guns N’ Roses jam?

Almost Famous, “Tiny Dancer”

Ok, maybe they weren’t still “drunk”, but that bus was definitely transporting some Olympics-level hangovers. If you’ve ever felt like a “golden god,” then you can definitely sympathize with the Mariana Trench depth of these characters’ hangovers, and how cathartic this sing along is.

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