6 Best High-Roller Rums

You know who knows best which bottles to buy? The people who pour and sell drinks—that’s who. We asked dozens of top bartending and spirits industry professionals to tell us which bottles they love and why.

Heads up: The numerical order below is not organized by importance or quality; it’s a list, not a ranking. Prices are averages and can vary state to state.

1. El Dorado 25 Year ($522)

“For rums, it does not get any better than this. If you can find a bottle, then buy it and enjoy.”—Gary Patrick Crunkleton, bartender at and owner of The Crunkleton

2. Diplomático Single Vintage 2002 ($106)

“This rum was only available outside of the U.S. until last year, and this vintage is superb—worth every penny! And it’s a single vintage, so it makes for a nice collectable.”—Zach Lynch, bar manager at The Ice Plant and brand ambassador at St. Augustine Distillery Co.

3. Angostura Cask Collection No. 1 ($93)

“A great, smooth well-rounded rum. It’s a full-bodied rum with great notes of rich caramel, marzipan and subtle wood.”—James Bolt, beverage director and host bartender at The Gin Joint

4. Mount Gay 1703 ($98)

“Deep and smoky, just the right amount of sweetness. Like a Barbados sunset.”—Simon Ford, co-founder of The 86 Co.

5. Diplomático Single Vintage 2001 ($104)

“Rich, viscous, sweet and a little dusty. Utterly pleasing.”—Neal Bodenheimer, mixologist at and co-owner of Cure and owner of Cane & Table and Café Henri

6. El Dorado Single Barrel PM ($76)

“Produced in the world’s only double wooden pot still, it has tons of baking spices, caramelized fruit and toffee.”—Zac Overman, mixologist at Rob Roy and head bartender at Sitka & Spruce Bar

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  • HDTV posted 10 months ago

    Whoever put this list together ....A+ I've had the El Dorado and Diplomatico ...Butter!

  • rob.6e5c6e posted 10 months ago

    Good choices. Its hard to quantify and qualify which rums are best, or best value, or most valuable. The market is open to many fine expressions now, and the list is growing. Consumers are catching wind of these changes and producers are responding with more great vintages, limited editions and rare rum expressions. The challenge is often the local retail outlets and their stock, but online retailers offer options for most consumers.

    But how can one try these rums before buying? If your local bar is willing, ask for a taste, or avail yourself an opportunity like the VIP Tasting Bar at Miami Rum Renaissance Festival, featuring more than 50 rare, vintage and limited edition expressions for connoisseurs and collectors to sample.

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