The 5 Best Drinking Moments on Sex and the City

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These girls know how to drink.

Through a total of six regular TV seasons and two movies, Sex and the City has taught us many things: Most important was how to get in touch with our feelings—and our inner sex goddess, obviously. And how to drink. Drink a lot.

Whether it’s Samantha throwing a cocktail in someone’s face, Charlotte having one too many, Carrie letting all her feelings loose after a barrage of Martinis, or Miranda lubricating herself on a first date, we now know how to avoid the characters’ embarrassing drunken mistakes and how to look damn good with a cocktail in hand.

We put together a list of our top five SATC drinking moments—both embarrassing and kind of badass. Take a look and let us know: Which was your favorite?

1. Charlotte drinks a little too much.

2. Carrie sips a Dirty Martini at a gay bar.

3. Samantha throws a Dirty Martini in Richard’s face.

4. Carrie gets sloshed at the Vogue offices.

5. Miranda makes a first date easier with “another double vodka Martini.”


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