Best Bourbon Bars, Part II

Last year, when we published a list of top bourbon bars, we heard from lots of readers about all the other establishments that should be recognized for their whiskey selections. So, in honor of National Bourbon Heritage Month, we’ve decided to run a follow-up story with more watering holes you need to check out. Cheers!

Aero Club, 3365 India Street, San Diego, 619 297 7211:

The Aero Club is arguably the best-stocked dive bar in the world, with more than 600 whiskies. Its sprits list is 52 pages long with tasting notes for each bottling. The place was founded in 1947 by a pilot, which explains its name and amazing neon sign.

The Bar at Husk, 76 Queen Street, Charleston, S.C., 843 577 2500:

What was once a crumbling wreck of a building attached to award-winning Charleston restaurant Husk has been turned into this stylish establishment, whose more than 50 bourbon options include special house bottlings of Knob Creek and Jefferson’s. It only makes sense since Husk is owned by whiskey-obsessed chef Sean Brock.

Bourbons Bistro, 2255 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, 502 894 8838:

This joint’s more than 130 bourbons certainly got our attention. It’s also one of Heaven Hill whiskey ambassador and Bourbon Whiskey: Our Native Spirit author Bernie Lubbers’ favorite bars in his hometown of Louisville. Who are we to argue?

Bourbon House, 144 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, 504 522 0111:

Talk about setting up great expectations: Not only is this place called Bourbon House but it’s also located on Bourbon Street. Fortunately, the New Orleans hotspot delivers with an impressive drinks list. And it boasts a Bourbon Society that hosts spirited events and offers members a free dram of each month’s featured bottling.

Brandy Library, 25 North Moore Street, New York, 212 226 5545:

Despite its moniker, this elegant TriBeCa spot boasts dozens and dozens of rare American whiskies, along with delicious mixed drinks. That’s, of course, in addition to its fine cognacs, Scotches, tequilas and rums.

Canon, 928 12th Avenue, Seattle, 206 552 9755:

All-star bartender Jamie Boudreau claims to have built the western hemisphere’s most extensive liquor collection at his joint Canon (pictured above) in Seattle. And we’re inclined to believe him. The library even includes vintage whiskies like an I.W. Harper from 1917. He has put together an excellent cocktail menu with barrel-aged, carbonated and large-format tipples as well.

Jack Rose Dining Saloon, 2007 18th Street Northwest, Washington, D.C., 202 588 7388:

If you’re inside the Beltway, head to the Jack Rose and clear your schedule. The Saloon has a big range of bourbons from the major brands and from independent bottlers—nearly 200 in all. And that’s not to mention the vast assortment of rye whiskies, Scotches, Irish whiskies and white dogs.

Mac McGee, 111 Sycamore Street, Decatur, Ga., 404 377 8050:

While Mac McGee might technically be an Irish pub (and it promises to serve a good helping of craic), it stocks a more whiskies from the US than Eire. Its specialty is bourbons from craft distillers across America, like Koval in Chicago and Balcones in Texas. In all, 17 states are represented on the menu, including plenty of choices from Kentucky.

St. Charles Exchange, 113 South 7th Street, Louisville, 502 618 1917:

This establishment in downtown Louisville has an old-world feel with a long, beautiful bar complete with mirror, tufted-leather banquettes and even a wall made from used barrel staves. There are plenty of spirits to try, plus craft cocktails and hearty dishes.

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  • Scott posted 4 years ago

    Awesome and great to hear Keith! I look forward to meeting you and you will love the hotel and Roof top bar!

  • Keith posted 4 years ago

    Thanks for the info Scott....we were actually headed to Savannah in a couple weeks and are staying at the Bohemian. I was reading this article wondering if there was a great bourbon or prohibition style bar in you were right on time.

  • geoff posted 4 years ago

    dram in mountain brook (birmingham), al has a TON of whiskeys and the food is fantastic!!

  • Amanda LaFrance posted 4 years ago

    Y'all forgot Whiskey in Durham, NC again. With over 350 bourbons, whiskies, and scotches, its the largest collection of brown liquor in NC, if not the Eastern Seaboard!

  • Scott Melton posted 4 years ago

    Good afternoon and thank you for! It is a fantastic web site, I am writing to tell you a little bit about Rocks on the Roof and Rocks on the River located in the beautiful Bohemian Hotel here in Savannah, Georgia. I am Scott Melton and the Beverage Manager for both venues and through the 4 years that we have been open I have put together a pretty nice list of Bourbon, scotch and whiskey. Currently I have 62 options to choose from, I highlight some of the selections on a Reserve style menu and have recently rolled out a Flight Menu that guest can enjoy Flights ranging from Single Barrel Bourbons to Craft Gins, Vodka, Whiskies and Bourbons I also offer Tequila and Vodka vertical flights as well. Hopefullt I can get an honorable mention on this fantastic web site. Keep up the great work.
    Scott Melton

  • Patrick Garrett posted 4 years ago

    If you're outside of one of the major cities featured in this list check out The Century Bar in Dayton, OH. We stopped by for a visit and fell in love with the place. It's a no-nonsense type of bar that really knows their bourbon. They've got a story about each and everyone of their 80+ bottles of bourbon. (80+ in a control state is amazing!) If you're in the area make sure to swing by and tell Joe that Bourbon & Banter sent you. You won't be disappointed.

  • Daniel Smith posted 4 years ago

    A list like this isn't complete without Whiskey in Durham, NC. Whiskey has over 337 whiskeys on the menu. Tons of rare bourbon and a truly unique drink list. -

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