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6 Deliciously Boozy Foods You Need to Be Making

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We all like pairing alcohol with our food—be it a pint of beer, a glass of wine or an expertly crafted cocktail. Similarly, while cooking, we’re inclined to add a splash of something boozy to the recipe to give it a kick. And while the art of boozing up your favorite dishes isn’t new—especially in the world of desserts—it’s expanding. No longer just for desserts only, sauced savories is an expanding category. Here are six of our favorite recipes that incorporate alcohol to delicious effect.

1. Rum-kissed Banana Butterscotch Cream Tart

This familiar classic gets an upgrade—in the form of a gluten-free, cocoa-buckwheat crust and a butterscotch custard filling made with black rum. Full of bananas slices and topped with homemade whipped cream with a healthy sprinkle of cocoa nibs, it’s hard not to drool over this sweet dish. Get the recipe.


2. Rye Whiskey Pork Tenderloin with Apples

Baked in a mixture of apple juice, spicy mustard and rye whiskey, this pork tenderloin manages to be sweet, spicy and smoky all at once. Rather than opting for the more popular choice of cooking with bourbon, rye adds a deep spicy note that pairs beautifully with apples. Served on a bed of vegetables and potatoes, this dish will become a fall favorite. Get the recipe.

3. Margarita Chicken Tacos

Marinated in a mixture of tequila, lime juice and a mix of spices, the chicken soaks in intense flavor and is tenderized by the liquor. Once cooked, shred the meat and pile high on corn tortillas, then top with salsa, sour cream and guacamole. To drink alongside? A Margarita, of course. Get the recipe.

4. Boozy Salted Caramel French Toast 

It’s time for the meal of champions to get sauced. This adaptation of one of the most popular breakfast dishes is spiked with a whiskey-based sipping cream called Jackson Morgan Southern Cream. Rich, creamy, salty and sweet, this dish will fortify you for all the day ahead. After all, shouldn’t the most important meal of the day give you a little buzz? Get the recipe.

5. Rum Glazed Turkey 

Thanksgiving may be over, but this turkey recipe is forever. A healthy half cup of dark rum gives the butter glaze a rich and sweet (and of course, boozy) taste that compliments the cranberry, chestnuts, apples and sage that make up the stuffing. This recipe deserves to be in your holiday collection. Get the recipe.

6. Whiskey Meatballs

This whiskey meatball recipe is perfect for those who prefer not to spend all day in the kitchen. Made with just six ingredients (and the aid of a slow cooker), these boozy appetizers are ready to be gobbled up in just an hour. Get the recipe.

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