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Icy Beer Slushies Are the Summer Drink You Didn’t Know You Needed

Sorry, cocktail lovers, but during the dog days of summer, there are few things better than an ice-cold beer. The only problem? Keeping it cold without having to chug it. After all, summertime is for sipping.

Fortunately, beer slushies are a real thing, and they’re (almost) exactly what they sound like. Taking a cue from the way beer is served in Thailand, a handful of bars across the country are chilling their bottles in barrels of ice and salt water, with a motor that rotates the bottles, allowing beer to chill down but not freeze. The result is the same product as the beloved 7-Eleven drinks, called bia wun or “jelly beer,” presumably because of its jellylike slush. Check out six beer slushies you can find at a bar near you.

1. Frozen Kirin Ichiban (Blue Ribbon Beer Garden, New York City)

 Steve Hill

Unlike the other beer slushies in this list, this one, made with Kirin Ichiban, is topped with a frozen beer head. Think of these like a slushie made of soda: As the frozen beer foam slowly melts, the beer moves around a bit more, keeping it super cold—perfect for a heat wave.

2. Jelly Beer (Sway, Austin)

This slushie is made with Singha beer and served with a straw. Besides beer and wine, this modern-Thai restaurant has a menu of inventive nonalcoholic drinks, including a variety of kombucha (try the Kosmic Black Magic), house-made drinking vinegars and sodas in flavors like coconut-lime.

3. Citrus Slush Snakebite (The Beach, Dream Downtown, New York City)

The drinker’s choice of beer is topped with Kelvin Slush Co.’s Citrus blend in this slushie. Nearly 5,000 square feet are devoted to creating a beach environment on the Dream Downtown’s rooftop, so it’s only fitting that its drink offerings include boozy lemonade, Sangria and, yes, slush by Kelvin.

4. Bia Wun (Whiskey Soda Lounge, Portland, Ore.)

Sip on a Bia Wun and munch on this small neighborhood lounge’s “drinking foods,” or pub snacks of Thailand, as well as noodles. Also look for a menu of no-proof drinks, including a healthy mix of drinking vinegars that rotate often.

5. Singha Beer Slushie (Uncle Boons, New York City)

Try this slushie, and stick around for the Thai tonics, aka shots. This Nolita neighborhood spot may be getting nods for its inventive drinks—cocktails along with slushies and tonics—but its Thai dishes (including green curry snails) are top-notch, too.

6. Mango Kirin Freeze (Chaya, Los Angeles)

 Jenn Wu

This fruity slushie is made with fresh mango purée and Kirin Ichiban and topped with frozen beer. The Euro-Asian influences are evident in all things Chaya, and this location, with an outdoor beer garden, focuses on Japanese beer, whisky and shochu cocktails.