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Beer Foam Art Is About To Blow Up Your Instagram Feed

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(image: Ripples)

If heading out after work to grab a beer with friends wasn’t Instagrammable enough for you, don’t worry—one company is making strides to change that.

Beer Ripples is a 3D printing machine for beer, creating the latte art we’ve all come to know and appreciate (or loathe, depending on your attitude). Your beer will be adorned with a preloaded image or your very own selection if you use the company’s app. The art appears within 11 seconds with “malt-based ink.”


The machine is available in the U.S., Canada and Israel for $3,000 plus a $1,500 yearly subscription fee. A Ripples spokesperson told Munchies that the product’s first customer is craft tavern chain World of Beer, with “select locations rolling out Beer Ripples over the coming months.”

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