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These Hoppy Tea Bags Can Enhance Lackluster Light Beer

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A new line of beer-enhancing sachets is encouraging you to “be the brewer” and customize your next pint.

Founded in 2013, Hop Theory aims to bring brewing to the bar with a blend of hops, fruit peels and natural flavors harnessed in a portable sachet. The main goal? To transform mediocre beer into a flavorful craft brew with character.


Hop Theory is running a Kickstarter campaign through May 9 that seeks backers to bring its patent-pending beer infusion method to market. The biodegradable mesh filters are derived from cornstarch and packed with premium ingredients sourced in the U.S. The first blend of flavors is called Relativity and holds a bright combination of cascade hops, orange peel and coriander seeds. A single sachet can transfuse up to four beers—a far more impressive lifespan than that of your average tea bag—and once it’s saturated, the transfuse time drops from three minutes to 30 seconds.

Light beer drinkers will feel the real benefit of Hop Theory’s sachets (though they supposedly work on less-than-stellar full-calorie beers as well). Those counting calories may struggle to find a brew with the same richness and flavor of today’s craft beers, so Hop Theory provides the simple solution for enhancing light beers with natural ingredients. Best of all, each sachet contains only five calories per serving, which means you can improve a light beer without hurting your waistline.

With each new funding milestone, Hop Theory hopes to create a different blend to appeal to every beer drinker’s tastes. Flavors like orange, pumpkin, raspberry, peach and double IPA loom on the horizon if Hop Theory reaches its goals.

Find out how to hop up your next pint with Hop Theory’s portable sachets and kick that underwhelming light beer to the curb.

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