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You Can Now Sue Your Friends for Skipping Out on Happy Hour

Everyone has that flaky friend. They’re the one that always has a last-minute excuse for not coming to the party or skipping out on happy hour. Now thanks to Swedish beer brand Norrlands Guld, you can sue them for leaving you hanging at the bar.

As part of its new advertising campaign, Norrlands Guld allows two friends to sign an electronic “beer contract” next time they make plans to grab drinks. If one doesn’t show up, the offending party would have to pay a fine of $50 or head to court.

“Trying to plan a simple get-together with a friend can be tricky. Just because you agree to grab a beer doesn’t necessarily mean it will happen,” Norrlands Guld’s Charlotte Liljewall said in a statement. “To put an end to this half-hearted behavior and get more Swedes to meet as agreed, we’ve created a digital tool that helps turn empty words into action with a contract that guarantees a beer will take place.”

Are you the flaky friend? Luckily, the contract is only available in Sweden.