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9 Ridiculously Easy Beer Cocktails That Will Help Win Super Bowl Sunday

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If the halftime show (and Beyoncé cameo) are more enticing than the chips and beer served at your Super Bowl shindig, fear not. Take boring suds and kick them up a notch by turning them into beer cocktails. Here, nine game day punches, Shandys and cocktails made with beer that are anything but ordinary… even if the game itself is.

1. Hop Skip and Go Naked Punch

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Punch at a pigskin party is never a bad thing and this batch couldn’t be easier to mix up. With just four ingredients (beer, lemonade, Canadian whisky and optional lemon-lime soda), this batch just needs mixing, is best served over ice and definitely packs a punch (pun intended). Sip slowly. Get the recipe.

2. Gridiron Punch  

Image: forrent.com

Similar to the previous punch, but minus the whisky, this sweet brew can also be made for all ages just by omitting the beer. What’s more, take a cue from the recipe creator and batch the Gridiron Punch out ahead of time and pour into Mason jars for easy serving and portability—not that you’ll be venturing far from the TV on game day. Get the recipe.

3. Beer Sangria

Move over red and white wine—there’s a new Sangria in town. This one is made with wheat beer and vodka, plus all the infused fruit football fans can handle. For extra potency, let the fruit soak for at least eight hours and mix up the variety of fruit to keep the crowd happy. Get the recipe.

4. Southern 75

Made with just India Pale Ale, bourbon, simple syrup and lemon juice, this beer cocktail is a southern take on the French 75, with bourbon replacing gin and beer standing in for Champagne. The remixed version is served in a Collins glass and bartender who created it, Nate Shuman, found that IPAs mix in most seamlessly. Fans will likely agree. Get the recipe.

5. Boozy Beer Hot Cider

Image: ehow.com

As the name implies, this hot cider takes the best ingredients of the fall and winter season—apple cider and seasonal suds—and combines them with allspice, cloves and brown sugar for a game day warmer that’s perfect for tailgating. Simmer on the stove for maximum warmth and aroma. Get the recipe.

6. The Three and Out

This classic and spicy take on the Shandy makes the most of chile peppers and the addition of lemon and juice and honey keeps the heat factor in check. This Three and Out calls for pilsner beer and vodka and very little prep work, which make this atypical beer-and-lemonade combo a game day go-to.  Get the recipe.

7. Blood Orange Shandy

Image: giadaweekly

Maximize citrus season with a drink that combines beer, blood orange juice and lemon in a fizzy brew served over ice that would be worthy of serving at any summer gathering. But for game day, beer is in order and this recipe calls for cold light beer, making this one of the less heavy options. Get the recipe.

8. Bloody Hell

Just in time for citrus season is a cocktail that takes a Bloody Mary and flips it on its head. Between the heat of fresh jalapeño and the juice of sweet blood oranges—and the addition of bourbon and IPA beer—there’s nothing familiar about this drink, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come together perfectly. Touchdown! Get the recipe.

9. Smoky Michelada

For those who prefer spicy, more savory flavors paired with their beer, look no further than the Michelada, which takes the best of a Bloody Mary and combines it with suds. This recipe has a strong smoky flavor—plus a hefty dose of heat—but the level can be varied depending on guests’ threshold. Just add nachos. Get the recipe.

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