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Jason Seele Will Represent the US at the MIXLDN Global Finals

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This has been the biggest year yet for Beefeater MIXLDN, with 34 countries participating in the prestigious competition. Thousands competed, but only 31 bartenders are moving on to the global finals in London.

San Jose, Calif.’s Jason Seele will represent the United States, and if his genius signature cocktail is any indication, he has a solid chance to become the next global champion.

The theme of this year’s competition is “your city mixed with the spirit of London.” That meant Seele had to figure out how to pay tribute to Silicon Valley with a Beefeater cocktail. His cocktail, A Bright Idea!, was inspired by the Valley’s history of innovation.

The mix of Beefeater 24, yuzu juice, pink peppercorn syrup, matcha tea powder and a house-made bitter artichoke foam was certainly delicious, but the use of a copper coupe is the most innovative aspect of the cocktail.

When you set the copper coupe down on a circuit board Seele put together himself, it functions as a conductor for a light bulb attached to the board. (Don’t worry, it’s all perfectly safe.) And in case that wasn’t enough, he stencils a microchip pattern over the drink using matcha tea powder.

Jason Seele’s winning cocktail, A Bright Idea!

The presentation is a nod to Silicon Valley on several levels, and the recipe makes great use of Beefeater 24, the spirit of London. That’s how Seele, a bartender at San Jose’s Legacy Social House, brought this year’s MIXLDN theme to brilliant life.

He can’t rest on his laurels yet, because the global competition starts in London on February 5. Throughout the week, he will face a series of surprise challenges and have to serve his signature cocktail to Beefeater Master Distiller and head judge Desmond Payne.

Should he advance to the top eight, Seele will serve more than 300 industry insiders and influencers at the Beefeater MIXLDN main event. That’s where the global champion will be crowned.

It’s not just a title that’s up for grabs. The winner will have the opportunity to create their own limited-run Beefeater gin under the guidance of Payne.
Can Seele come up with another brilliant idea and claim the top prize? Stay tuned to find out.

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