Beach Reads: 2012

The unofficial start of summer is just two weeks away. As you begin buying hot-weather provisions, put these new spirited books on your list along with sunscreen, bathing suits and flip flops. Not only will you enjoy reading them during your travels, but they are also great gifts for hosts.

The Art of Fermentation ($40) by Sandor Ellix Katz:

While it’s not legal to produce spirits at home, Sandor Ellix Katz’s guide will teach you how to create pretty much every other fermented thing, from yogurt to ginger beer. It includes a foreword by Michael Pollan as well.

Beer Cocktails ($13) by Howard & Ashley Stelzer:

When it’s hazy, hot and humid, you normally have to choose between having a beer or a cocktail. But now you can have both in one glass. This slim volume contains 50 recipes for making all kinds of sudsy concoctions.

Gaz Regan’s Annual Manual for Bartenders, 2012 ($22) and 101 Best New Cocktails: 2012 ($20) by Gary Regan: advisory board member Gary Regan has been hard at work on not one but two volumes. Serious about mixology? Pick up his updated Annual Manual for Bartenders now and add his 101 Best New Cocktails to your library in June.

The Juice: Vinous Veritas ($27) by Jay McInerney:

This collection of wine articles penned by Bright Lights, Big City author Jay McInerney for various publications over the years will both entertain you and will make you thirsty for a bottle of hearty Bordeaux or a magnum of bubbly.

Restaurant Man ($28) by Joe Bastianich:

If you’ve ever been curious about what goes on behind the scenes at the country’s top establishments or dreamed of opening one yourself, read Joe Bastianich’s Restaurant Man. Part memoir and part instruction manual, the tome from Mario Batali’s business partner reveals what it really takes to succeed in the food-and-drink industry.

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  • marge setzke posted 5 years ago

    Well I have several friends with bars, and their always asking to fill in.I always decline because I didn't all the new boozes that had come out. I really hope this works out, I,d be alot more comfortable and sure of myself comfortaless lost.

  • marge setzke posted 5 years ago

    Very interested in your liquor surveys. I bartender for 30 years and I'd like to up with was new in the liquor {just in case I have to go back to work. Hope to here from you scene

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