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Bathing In Wine May Be The Answer to Premature Aging

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(image: Ella Di Rocco)

If you love wine, you’ve already considered visits (or likely have gone) to Porto, Napa and Burgundy. But what if we told you that London may have joined the list of top travel destinations for wine enthusiasts? Not convinced? Maybe wine-filled bathtubs will do the trick.

Ella Di Rocco, a London spa, has introduced a new form of wine therapy to England. Fittingly christened The Wine Spa, this wellness medispa aims to change the way we think about wine. Though sipping a glass of wine has long been practiced as an act of relaxation, The Wine Spa has seven wine-based treatments it claims will “combat premature aging.”


From merlot body scrubs that detoxify and cleanse to sangiovese baths that enhance feelings of health, The Wine Spa truly embodies wine as the elixir of youth.

In the event that wine isn’t your alcoholic beverage of choice, other innovators in the hospitality industry have also integrated boozy services, such as this beer hotel with hot tubs filled with IPA and this gin spa that offers a gin cocktail along with any treatment. Just pick your poison—booze seems to be the latest craze in skin and body rejuvenation.  

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