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Bartenders: Start a Resolution You Can Keep | Partner Tip

The one resolution all bartenders hope to keep each year? Spend less time on the dreaded task of inventory.


To make that pipe dream a reality in 2015, you’ll need a trusty sidekick behind the bar. The latest trend in bar inventory software, Partender is an innovative tool that lets you perform accurate inventory and ordering, skip data entry and inventory anything in mere minutes with a few taps and swipes on your smartphone.

Forget the time-sucking slog of weighing bottles or estimating their contents to help determine pour cost. Partender’s mission is to help bars and restaurants complete inventory and ordering in as little as 15 minutes, and most important, increase establishments’ overall lifespan by providing the knowledge and tools to succeed.

Bars and Restaurants are often unsure of how much cash (in bottles) is collecting dust on a shelf, being over-poured or given away. Because inventory is such a pain, studies show that the industry loses an average 23% of sales ($28 billion each year in the US alone).

By making inventory quick, easy and painless, Partender’s seamless app allows bartenders, managers and owners to do inventory on a shift-by-shift basis, providing the transparency businesses need to succeed. Plus, Partender’s robust analytics provide insights into actual usage vs. sales, identifying potential loss and dead stock.

Bartenders and managers can focus on consistency of product, new recipes and overall guest satisfaction. By performing inventory on a regular basis, bars can also train new bartenders and keep all bartenders consistent by sharing the analytics of how everyone performed on a given shift, week or month.
Take a look: Some of the country’s most famous bars are already saving money and time with Partender!

Photo credit: Gabi Porter

Start the year with Partender behind your bar and finally keep that New Year’s resolution past January 31.

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