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Bar Fined $156,000 After Woman Takes Dangerous Shot of Jäger

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The next time you’re in a bar offering a liquid nitrogen–infused Jäger shot, take our advice: Just don’t do it.

After ingesting one of these shots in 2012 with the go-ahead from the bartender, a woman in Derby, England, had to have part of her stomach surgically removed because of the resulting damage. The woman, Gaby Scanlon, was at a bar celebrating her 18th birthday with a group of friends when it happened.


“I turned to the man and asked if it was okay to drink. He said ‘Yes.’ Smoke was coming from my nose and mouth. Straight away I knew something was not right. My stomach expanded,” Scanlon told the courts.

The bar finally admitted its wrongdoing in not ensuring that the shot was safe to drink—the liquid nitrogen has to completely dissolve before it becomes drinkable—and has been fined $156,000 for its role in the incident. Scanlon still suffers from episodes of pain.

Read more about it at BBC.

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