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Back to School

Just because you’re not going back to school this fall doesn’t mean you can’t hit the books. Forget about finally figuring out trig or learning to conjugate Latin verbs; we have something in mind that’s a lot more fun: spirits studies.

For your continuing liquor education, we’ve put together 101s on 10 different types of alcohol, from Scotch and bourbon to gin. These mini-lessons cover the history, production and consumption of your favorite drams. They even include links to classic cocktail recipes in our library and profiles of the most popular brands.


We hope you use these pages as a frequent reference to answer any questions you may have and, of course, to settle the occasional friendly bar bet (not to mention to pick up conversational tidbits perfect for dispensing at parties).

Over the next few months, we’ll be adding additional Spirits 101 articles for even more liquor categories.

And while there won’t be a test at the end of the semester, or letter grades, we still suggest you study hard.

School is now officially in session.

Check out our Spirits 101s on absinthe, bourbon, cognac, gin, Irish whiskey, rum, rye whiskey, Scotch, tequila and vodka on Liquor.com.

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