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The Sweet Lowdown on Spiced Rum

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Even the most adventurous drinker can get bogged down in all the different kinds of rum on the market: light, dark, black, overproof, navy. One style definitely worth exploring is flavored rum and specifically spiced rum.

Spiced rums are typically created by adding spices and caramel to either light or dark rum, which gives the spirit warm, vanilla notes that lend themselves to classic drinks like a Rum & Coke.

More than 20 years ago, BACARDÍ® debuted a spiced rum that was presented to consumers as a premium drinking experience, but it didn’t go over with a public who saw the image of spiced rum as more playful and carefree. OAKHEART®, the second major spiced rum released by BACARDÍ, was introduced in 2011, and Bacardi’s spiced rums continue to evolve two decades later.

OAKHEART is aged for at least one year in charred American oak barrels to achieve a smoky flavor, then further developed and rounded out with a natural, secret blend of charcoals and spices.

While some spiced rums have dominant vanilla notes, the blending of OAKHEART gives it a more balanced, nuanced flavor. You’ll taste hints of oak, cinnamon, maple, butterscotch, nutmeg and pepper, and the nose isn’t as shockingly sweet as other spiced rums.

It’s the perfect easy-drinking spirit to share with friends, whether on the rocks or in a signature Oak and Cola, living up to its “look tough, drink sweet” mantra.