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Australia’s Vitamin Alcohol Company to Release Vitamin-Infused Vodka

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If you’ve been looking to ditch your morning vitamins (and your hangover) you might be in luck.

Vitamin Vodka, which claims it’s the world’s first organic vitamin-infused vodka, is scheduled for release in Europe this October.


Unlike San Francisco–based Lotus Vodka, a short-lived vitamin- and caffeine-infused spirit that came to an abrupt end in late 2009 after an FDA crackdown, Vitamin Vodka is organic and made in Australia. It claims to contain “anti-hangover vitamins,” but doesn’t name which vitamins those may be. 

The vitamin-spiked vodka from Vitamin Alcohol Company is made from organic Australian sugar cane and water from Hunter Valley, near Sydney, Australia. It isn’t meant for shooting, the brand says, and you may want to warn your bank before you purchase this pricey bottle—Vitamin Vodka clocks in at roughly $1,600 USD.

Read more about the world’s first vitamin-infused organic vodka at The Spirits Business.

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