Astronauts: Meet the Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass

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Drinking in space has always posed a bit of a challenge for astronauts. Closed containers and straws have been essential for keeping liquids from dispersing floating blobs about the cabin—until now, that is.

Enter the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project, a Kickstarter program currently seeking $30,000 in funding to create a new-age, open air cocktail glass that will allow astronauts to enjoy lidless drinking, gravity be damned.

According to the Kickstarter campaign, the space-bound vessel allows astronauts to experience the aroma of a drink while keeping the liquid under control, thanks to a complex, 3-D printed groove system. It currently takes 15 hours to print one glass which clocks in at around $1,000. With full funding, the campaign aims to test the glass in a real weightless environment and eventually 3-D print a small drinking cup aboard the International Space Station later this year.

The project was developed by the Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation, which describes itself as “a boutique concept, design and branding company that develops stylish products for off-world use while connecting Earth brands to space.” Apparently, the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project is merely the first of many plans dedicated to improving comfort for space travelers—and your nightcap seems like a great place to start.

Ready to pledge a few bucks in the name of cosmic cocktails? Back the project before the April 2 Kickstarter deadline and brag about how you affected the future of boozy space travel forevermore.

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