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Archaeologists Dig Up 200-Year-Old Pub

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(image: Manchester Evening News)

Archaeologists are known for finding some of the coolest and oldest artifacts out there, but this story from The Independent takes the cake. 

Inspecting a construction site for a 13-story skyscraper in Manchester, England, archaeologists stumbled upon the remains of a forgotten 200-year-old pub. And it gets even crazier—inside the pub were around 20 bottles of untouched brandy


The ruins belong to a pub once known as the Astley Arms, which dates back to 1821. To put that into perspective, that’s the same year that Napoleon died.

Aside from the bottles, excavators found plates, mugs, keys, pottery and even various pieces of tableware bearing the name of the pub’s landlord, Thomas Evans. 

Most of the items found will be put on display in the city’s Museum of Science and Industry, although there’s been no word on the fate of the brandy. (Might we suggest they lend us a bottle for a little tasting in the name of science?)

For those who can’t get their hands on 200-year-old brandy, here are some regular old brandy recipes. Sip with your eyes closed and pretend:


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