Anti-Aging Alcohols Are Here to Save You (and Your Skin)

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Looking for a way to look younger while still enjoying your cocktails? Two new products have hit the shelves and are promising to fight wrinkles as you drink. How? The magic is all in collagen, a protein that helps hold our bodies together. It’s in everything—our bones, our skin—but as we age, our bodies lose it, leaving wrinkles in its wake.

While restaurants in Japan and other parts of Asia have been touting collagen-infused foods for awhile, the skin saver is just entering the beverage market. Collagen-infused beer has been around for about a year, but these are the first liquors infused with the skin saver.

Anti-AGin boasts 90 grams of drinkable collagen, plus “heaps of other fantastic and peculiar botanicals” to help keep your skin look youthful. Ingredients such as chamomile, tea tree, nettle, witch hazel and gotu kola were added to the gin for their skin-friendly qualities to help heal sun damage, inhibit scar formation and smooth cellulite, according to Warner Leisure Hotels. Warner Leisure commissioned the gin from food and drink alchemists Bompas & Parr, the same folks who created breathable cocktail clouds.

If you’re not a fan of Gin & Tonics, then you can still get a dose of anti-aging ingredients with your cocktails. Anti Everything has an infusion of caviar collagen, sea buckthorn, youth-promoting fatty acids and the same amount of vitamin C you’d get from 15 oranges, plus a dose of vodka so you can get your booze on while you stop aging in its tracks. You can enjoy the drink on its own, or top it off with Champagne for an easy cocktail.

Beauty isn’t cheap though. A bottle of the 40 percent ABV Anti-AGin costs £35, or about $50, while a gift box containing four 3.4-ounce bottles of the 16 percent ABV Anti Everything will set you back $55. At least they may help you save on wrinkle cream and Botox?

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