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Who Needs Juniper When You Have…Ants?

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Ever get the heebie jeebies when an ant crawls into your Gin & Tonic during a picnic? This new gin encourages you to embrace that added “essence.” (Protein, right?)

Anty Gin, which is currently being sold for £210 (about $329) a bottle, is the product of a collaboration between The Cambridge Distillery and the Nordic Food Lab, a non-profit that “investigates food diversity and deliciousness.”


It’s made by distilling red wood ants directly into the gin—one liter at a time. There are supposedly about 62 ants per each of the 99 bottles now for sale. The blend also includes botanicals like Bulgarian juniper berries, wood avens, nettle and alexanders seed.

“The reason people use ants is they have a very specific flavour which is best described as a citrus flavour,” William Lowe from The Cambridge Distillery told The Telegraph. “We did a lot of research and found that the reason ants taste like citrus is because they spray formic acid as a method of defence.”

Call us crazy, but that sounds legitimately tasty. If you’ve got an extra few hundred dollars lying around, there are still bottles available for purchase at The Cambridge Distillery. Find out more about the collaborators behind the gin and the process of making this super-small-batch spirit at Anty Gin’s website.

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