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Your Favorite Bitters Brand Is Earning Acclaim for Its Very Own Rum

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Angostura can improve any classic rum cocktail.

Anyone who has ever poured themselves an Old Fashioned is almost certainly familiar with the name Angostura. The company’s iconic bitters have earned international attention and fierce loyalty from bartenders and cocktail lovers. But did you know that Angostura also makes rum with the same skill and craftsmanship?

Angostura has recruited blenders and distillers with decades of experience to develop a seriously impressive portfolio of 100% Trinidadian rums. They’re honoring the legacy and evolution of Caribbean rum at every stage of the process, going to great lengths to find the highest-quality molasses and charred oak barrels.

Every rum that Angostura makes is worth sampling, but Angostura seven-year-old rum is particularly good at illustrating how a world-renowned bitters brand became a major player in the rum industry.

For every batch of Angostura seven-year-old rum, the master blender at Angostura carefully selects from light, medium and heavy rums that have been aging for at least seven years. Once the master blender has found the perfect balance, the blend is returned to a cask to marry the flavors.

This process leads to rum with a deep mahogany color and nuanced profile—one that includes chocolate, honey, toffee, coffee and toasted nuts. The rum has a rich medium body that you can most fully appreciate when sipping it on the rocks or mixed with a little tonic.

The Honeysuckle is a delicious showcase for Angostura seven-year-old rum.

Angostura seven-year-old rum’s complex flavor can also turn even the simplest cocktails into something memorable. Take the Honeysuckle. It’s a pretty straightforward mix of rum, lime juice and honey syrup, but the presence of Angostura gives it all those chocolate and toffee nuts that you wouldn’t get from a more basic rum.

Some insiders might have been skeptical that the iconic bitters brand could thrive making rum as well, but Angostura has earned respect and accolades from the industry. Since 2010, Angostura seven-year-old rum has won 28 medals from prestigious spirits competitions, including the World Rum Awards, Rum Master Awards, World Spirits Awards and International Wine & Spirit Competition.

Sure, Angostura hasn’t distilled rum as long as it has made bitters. Few brands have done anything that long, considering that the House of Angostura set up shop in 1826. But Angostura has proven to be a quick study when it comes to rum.

The swift success is enough to make one wonder what other spirits Angostura could try its hand at in the future. It’s an enticing idea, but there’s no need to rush. Angostura is making plenty of amazing rum to enjoy in the meantime.