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Angelina Jolie Has Done Some Amazing Movie Drinking

Who else can make drinking look so good?

Angelina Jolie has a lot of titles: mother, actress, activist, philanthropist, and of course, one of the most beautiful women in the world. Can we add seasoned drinker to her list of accomplishments? While her partying days are behind her, we found some acting moments that prove when you hand Angelina a bottle, she knows what to do with it. Whether she’s boozing on the set of a Hollywood film or sipping her own critically acclaimed rosé, one thing is clear: some habits don’t die hard.

Let’s take a look at the best drinking movie moments from our favorite reformed bad girl.





1. Empty shot glasses are of no use to her.

2. The taste of alcohol is so great, it brings tears to her eyes.

3. Even in her youth, Angie mastered the art of maneuvering through a crowd without spilling a drop.

4. The couple that takes shots together, stays together.

5. But true love comes right from the bottle.

6. She will never let wine go to waste.

7. “One for you and one for me? Nope, two for me.”

(Photo courtesy Digitalspy.com)

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