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An International Bar Crawl

Over 200 years ago Americans began drinking a new concoction called a cocktail, which soon became a sensation. In honor of this historic invention, Thursday kicks off World Cocktail Week, when bars and liquor stores from Sydney, Australia, and Washington, DC, to Chicago, Illinois, will get in the spirit. The Museum of the American Cocktail in New Orleans—which offers an impressive collection of antique bar tools, historic recipe books and ephemera—began the international celebration four years ago.

The week culminates on May 13 with an event at the museum where you can sample food from some of NOLA’s best chefs and drinks from top mixologists. Plus, our advisor Dale DeGroff and local bartender Chris McMillian will attempt to make “the world’s largest Fire & Ice Mint Julep.”


The week raises money for the museum and helps support its monthly mixology exhibitions by famed bartenders. While these parties are great fun, they also teach drinkers around the globe about the rich history of the cocktail and the pioneering bartenders who created the classic recipes that we still enjoy. Reason enough for us to drink up.

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