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To celebrate the Fourth of July like a patriot, you need to drink liquor produced right here in the good old US of A. (Take that England.) Not that long ago your options were relatively limited, but now, in addition to our great whiskies, there is a selection of excellent homegrown spirits. So this weekend toast our founding fathers with a glass of one of these fine American-made spirits. No doubt you’ll want to drink them long after the holiday is over.

Bluecoat American Dry Gin ($29):

We’ll take Bluecoat Gin over British Redcoats any day. The spirit, which is appropriately made in patriotic Philadelphia, is flavored with a mix of organic botanicals, including juniper berries and a blend of American orange and lemon peels.

Charbay Vodka ($41):

While Russia, Poland and Sweden are practically synonymous with vodka, one of the best is actually made in wine-crazy Napa Valley, California. Charbay produces an award-winning line of flavored vodkas, including blood orange, Meyer lemon and ruby red grapefruit.

Laird’s Applejack ($25):

Americans have been drinking applejack since colonial times. This old-timey favorite, also known as apple brandy, has recently been rediscovered by bartenders. Try Laird’s authentic bonded, straight apple brandy. The brand, founded in 1780, is the oldest distillery in the country.

Old New Orleans Amber Rum ($40):

Looking for tasty rum? Head to Louisiana. Celebration Distillation in the Big Easy produces the rich Old New Orleans Amber Rum, which is full of sweet butterscotch and baking-spice notes.

St. George Absinthe Verte ($75):

You no longer need to go to France or Switzerland to find great absinthe. St. George Absinthe Verte, made in Alameda, California, has wonderful aromas of mint, green pepper and fennel and a bittersweet finish. Forget adding a sugar cube: this spirit needs just an ice cube and a splash of water.

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  • sharon posted 7 years ago

    Crop organic cucumber vodka from Minnesota.

  • Erik posted 7 years ago

    BlueCoat also makes Vieux Carre Absinthe which besides a beautiful bottle is quite impressive. I have sampled all of the Leopold Bros. products and all are impressive including the flavored whiskeys...Another Colorado distiller-Caprock makes amzing small batch organic Vodka & Gin. I had the pleasure of meeting the Distiller who apparently recieved his training from the mastermind behind St. George.
    Does anybody have any other American liquors of note not already mentioned? This has become my latest new obsession.

  • Davis posted 7 years ago


    How correct you are. And, really, the list is quite long even when you solely consider vodka. Just think of the brand owners in your backyard; Colorado Vodka (Manitou Springs), Altitude Spirits Vodka 14 (Boulder) 44 North (Rigby, ID), Teton Glacier (also Rigby).

    Move on to Vermont and you get Vermont Spirits' They are also noteworthy in that they produce vodka from the sugar of Maple sap alone, and also offer a 'white’ edition distilled from milk sugar.

    And then there is Maurice Kanbar who in addition to founding Skyy Vodka (San Francisco) is an industry unto himself. Have you tried his latest hand-crafted offering, Blue Angel, or his nephews' brainchild Dragon Bleu distilled from wheat, barley and rye? Or Dripping Springs Vodka from the Texas town of the same name?

    So many quality spirits and so little time. Ice Jacket ( will soon launch a campaign to review all American Vodkas and a broad range of American Spirits and will be looking to the blogosphere for input and direction as to what products qualify for inclusion within the category of American made.

    So, please stay tuned and keep your eyes open. It will not be long before the Ice Jacket American Spirits Campaign commences. Take care until then, and enjoy the 4th of July!

  • Robert in Denver posted 7 years ago

    as long as we're on the American Made theme, let's not forget:

    Tito's Vodka from Austin, TX, and Leopold Bros. Absinthe from Denver, CO. Both of these are world class selections. Acutally, Leopold Bros. does gin, rum, absinthe, and vodka, but I can only vouche for the absinthe, personally.

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