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American-Made Whiskies

No matter if you like your whiskey neat, on the rocks or in cocktails, we can all agree that it’s a great period for American distilling. Store shelves are full of new, tasty bottlings from both well-known brands and startups. Here are five of our favorites.



Angel’s Envy Bourbon ($45):

While it’s easy to find Scotch matured in port casks, the process is still fairly uncommon for bourbon. Reward your curiosity with this rich boutique spirit created by industry legend Lincoln Henderson, which is finished in the special barrels.


Bulleit Rye Whiskey ($28):

Tom Bulleit has made his family’s bourbon recipe famous across the country. His latest creation is an easy-drinking, spicy rye whiskey, which he has been quietly working on for years.


Early Times 354 Bourbon ($16):

For decades, you could only get Early Times Bourbon overseas. But the historic brand (it dates back to 1860) is now selling this smooth and affordable alcohol in the US. It’s perfect for making cocktails like the Mint Julep.


Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon ($40):

We had been awaiting the release of this new Knob Creek product eagerly, and we weren’t disappointed. The delicious nine-year-old single-barrel spirit is bottled at a potent 120 proof.


Whippersnapper Oregon Whiskey ($36):

This innovative liquor from Ransom Spirits in Oregon is a unique blend of the distillery’s own whiskey and a Kentucky white dog that it redistills. The mixture is then aged in several different types of barrels. On the palate, it has a bit of spice, yeast and a complex sweetness.

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