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Amazon Now Carries Robot Bartenders

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Forget Alexa—even Alexa-inspired decanters—there’s a new tech product everyone is about to want. Because who doesn’t want a robotic bartender you can purchase on Amazon?

From drinking games to boozy products you never knew existed, Amazon carries everything a drinker needs, including booze. Now you can even buy a Keurig-like robot bartender named Bibo Barmaid. The new product aims to do everything a bartender can but in only 20 seconds.


While creating a robot that can fully replace a professional bartender is impossible, Bibo Barmaid may be the next best thing. Bibo offers six cocktail mixes that come in pouches, ranging from classic (Margarita and Mai Tai) to unique (Tangerine Paloma and Cucumber Melon). Each mix instructs the user to add 1.7 oz of a recommended liquor, and the machine does the rest, distributing the perfect amount of chilled water into your drink and dispensing the cocktail into your glass of choice.  

Its major selling point may be that you don’t have to worry about your mixers going bad. Since each pouch is only made to be used once, you won’t need to stress out about opening a brand new bottle of mixer only to make a few drinks and dump out the rest months later.  

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