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All the Amazing Boozy Ways Chicago Cubs Fan Are Celebrating

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(image: USA Today Sports)

The Chicago Cubs and their fans are currently on top of the world. The Midwest team broke its infamous curse by winning its first World Series title since 1908, and everybody in Chicago is celebrating. And you know what goes great with a celebration? Booze!

Check out some of the ways Cubs fans have been celebrating with alcohol.

Taking Jäger Shots for a 90-year-old Cubs Fan

(image: Jägermeister USA)

Dorothy Farrell, a longtime Cubs fan, made headlines after she was interviewed when the Cubs advanced to the World Series. Asked how she was going to celebrate the win, Farrell stole hearts by suggesting she’d probably drink some Jägermeister. Since the Series final, many Cubs fans have been posting photos and videos of themselves doing Jäger shots, in honor of Farrell. There’s nothing like cute old ladies who love booze!

Drinking a 32-Year-Old Beer

(image: @GraceJohnso Twitter)

Cubs fans are definitely a loyal bunch. One die-hard Chicago fan put a beer in his refrigerator back in 1984 and vowed not to drink it until the Cubs won the World Series. After the big win, the fan’s granddaughter posted a video of the ancient Coors being opened on her Twitter account. (Sadly, it was mostly flat.)

Pouring Champagne on Cubs President Theo Epstein

(image: MLB on FOX)

OK, so maybe this is just a Bill Murray thing, but he still counts as a Cubs fan! After Murray took the Fox Sports microphone to interview Cubs front office honcho Theo Epstein, Epstein decided to spray some celebratory Champagne right into Murray’s face. To retaliate, the Groundhog Day star poured Champagne right back on Epstein’s head—possibly our second-favorite way to make use of good bubbly. You can watch the video of it all go down here.

What drink are you enjoying to celebrate the Cubbies’ big win? (Malört shots, anyone?) Tell us in the comments.

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