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Aldi Introduces Low Calorie Line of Wines

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(image: Aldi UK)

Aldi is making big headlines in the alcohol world these days. It was recently crowned as having not only one of the best rosés but also one of the best gins in the world. And our favorite part? The bottles are available at very affordable prices.  

Aldi UK has launched four wines under its new Featherweight private label: a sauvignon blanc (5.5 percent ABV), which contains 55 calories per serving; a pinot grigio (5.5 percent ABV) which contains 52 calories, a merlot (5.5 percent ABV), which has 59 calories; and a white zinfandel (5.5 percent ABV), which contains 57 calories. When those wines generally clock in at more than 100 calories per serving and more than 10 percent ABV, that’s a sizable reduction.

Each bottle retails at £3 ($3.90) and is currently only available in the U.K. The discount supermarket will also release a 24-bottle Summer Wine Festival collection in the U.K. this week, including six sparkling wines.

Could lower-alcohol, lower-calorie wines be headed to the U.S. next?

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