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Adidas Just Released Beer-Proof Shoes Perfect For Tailgating

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(image: Adidas)

There’s nothing worse than spilling beer on your shoes. And we’ve all been there, squishing around all night while we count down the moment until we can peel off those soaking socks.

Adidas announced München Oktoberfest shoes this week, designed to keep your toes dry with “durable DPBR coating.” The shoe is named after the beer-famous city of Munich, which hosts Oktoberfest every year.


The limited-edition water-repellent shoes are said to be inspired by “the true spirit of Oktoberfest,” complete with embroidered leather said to represent lederhosen. The shoe has “Prost,” the German word for “cheers,” along the side.

Whether you’re heading to Germany this September or are just in need of a pair of new tailgating shoes, this might be your new upgrade.

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