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A Pumpkin Smash

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without a pumpkin. But there’s so much more you can do with the king of squashes than carve it or make pie.

The subtly sweet flavor works nicely in a range of autumn drinks, blending beautifully with spices like cinnamon and clove, and sweeteners like maple syrup and honey, as well as aged spirits like bourbon, rum and añejo tequila.

That’s not to mention Fulton’s Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur ($10), which is available nationally for the first time this year, and Hiram Walker Pumpkin Spice Liqueur ($10), which is the secret to the simple Absolut 100 Pumpkin Martini.

There are also dozens of seasonal pumpkin beers made around the country, including Brooklyn Brewery’s Post Road Pumpkin Ale, Dogfish Head’s Punkin Ale and Terrapin Beer Co.’s Pumpkinfest.

Master mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim even uses pumpkin to give a little fall flair to a traditional holiday classic in his rum-based Pumpkin Nog. And bar manager James Horn at the acclaimed Washington, D.C., restaurant Graffiato makes an ingenious lemon-pumpkin soda for his Smashing Pumpkin cocktail, which is one Halloween trick we actually enjoy.

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