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A Genius Scientist May Have Just Created a Pill To Prevent Hangovers

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Monday morning again

Drinking without the fear of a hangover the next morning is something most of us have probably dreamed of. Sure, there are lots of antidotes on the market that claim to help prevent the aftereffects of too much booze, but one California scientist is close to creating a pill that uses natural enzymes to help the body process alcohol faster.

UCLA professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering Yunfeng Lu told The Conversation he not only wants to prevent hangovers, he hopes his treatment could treat intoxication and overdose victims in the ER. The antidote has been successful in trials with mice so far, decreasing their blood alcohol level by 45 percent in just four hours compared to mice that didn’t receive any treatment.


The self-proclaimed wine enthusiast also noted that the inebriated mice woke from their alcohol-induced slumber faster than their untreated counterparts. If the treatments prove effective in animals, they could begin human clinical trials in as early as one year.

We’ll just be here crossing our fingers.

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