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A 2,400 Gallon Cocktail Shaker Full of Scotch Is Touring America

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(image: Monkey Shoulder)

Be on the lookout, whiskey lovers, because that cement mixer barreling down the street may not be a cement mixer after all. If you’re lucky, it could be a 2,400-gallon cocktail shaker full of scotch.

Monkey Shoulder, the blended-malt Scotch whisky, debuted its giant cocktail shaker this week ahead of a series of pop-up appearances at events across the U.S. “The Monkey Mixer” will make its first introduction at Arizona Cocktail Week in Phoenix, which is held from February 17 through 19.

The mixer holds 123,000 bottles of blended scotch—storage for crafting the “Mixed Up Monkey” cocktail, a combination of Monkey Shoulder scotch, mint syrup, soda and lemon juice. The scotch will flow right from the machine’s chute.

The mixer is more than 27 feet long, 13 feet tall and eight feet wide. Better keep your eyes peeled.

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