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The 5 Remarkable Flasks That Deserve Your Pocket Space

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A wingman is one thing. But nothing—or no one—will be a true life-saver like a handy flask.

Whether using it for cocktails on-the-go or for taking a few swigs at a dreaded dry wedding, the flask will cure your sober ails. Here are five flasks that look almost better than you do.


1. Ceramic Pocket Flask ($92)

Looking for something different than the usual leather-and-steel? This one is for you. The embossed white glaze is set off by a pair of leather straps and brass hardware. But with an 11-ounce capacity, it’ll also get the job done when you need to feel a little buzzed on the fly. Buy it here.

2. Shot Glass Flask ($25)

When taking a sip out of steel feels pedestrian, you need a flask that stands out. This one comes with a collapsible shot glass so you can feel so very sophisticated while taking a shot. Don’t need the glass? The flask itself is just as flashy all by its lonesome. Buy it here.

3. Stainless Steel Flask and Cigar Holder Combo ($39)

Sometimes multitasking is best. This flask doubles as a cigar holder, so you can keep all your dirty habits in one place. With a free personalization option, this can be the best gift for someone who really likes to live the high life. Buy it here.

4. Stainless Steel Pocket Flask ($19)

This is the flask for those who believe less is more. Though this pocket container only holds two ounces, the sleek design more than makes up for it. Light and perfect for everyday use, this is the flask to have in hand when you just need a little perk-up. Buy it here.

5. Bev-Cam 5 oz Camera Flask ($16)

There are some moments when pulling out a flask just isn’t classy. That’s when the sneaky Bev-Cam camera flask is required. Full of booze and masquerading as a camera, this flask will make you seem like an artist instead of the drunkard you truly are. Buy it here.

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