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5 Actors We Think Could Play the Most Interesting Man in the World

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Earlier this year, Dos Equis announced it would be parting ways with Most Interesting Man actor Jonathan Goldsmith. Although many are still in mourning, the beer company has since hired a new guy for the job. We have our hopes up for the new actor but still have some ideas for who’s on our wish list to play the iconic character if all else fails.

5. Christoph Waltz



Best known for his dynamic roles in some of Quentin Tarantino’s best films, Waltz has proven himself to be a master of the screen. While Spanish isn’t one of the three languages he speaks fluently, we have no doubts that he could have a perfect accent. Just watch this Inglorious Basterds clip and get a load of his flawless Italian, a language he doesn’t even speak fluently.

4. Antonio Banderas

(image: GQ)

With a career that’s included playing an international spy, a talented gunslinger and even the legendary Zorro, Antonio Banderas’ filmography is nothing short of spectacular. Plus it makes him one hell of a lot more interesting in our eyes. Banderas could easily draw from the experiences of his previous characters to create awesome past storylines for the Most Interesting Man.

3. Idris Elba

(image: Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times)

Idris Elba could definitely pull off a different kind of Most Interesting Man than we’re used to. With his plummy English accent, he could easily bring a more international flavor to our beloved character. Many have even suggested Elba should play the next James Bond. He’s definitely fit for the infamous leading man role—perhaps a gig like this could help him practice to fill 007’s bespoke shoes. 

2. Danny Trejo

(image: AV Club)

Danny Trejo may just be the world’s most interesting man in real life. The actor was constantly in and out of prison during the 1960s, then later traded his criminal life for a villainous acting career. Having played many badass roles, including Spy Kids‘ Machete, we think the Most Interesting Man character would be a cinch for Trejo.

1. Matthew McConaughey

(image: GQ)

Alright, alright, alright: We know you may have your doubts about McConaughey, but we have our reasons. This dude is so crazy and unpredictable, it just might work. He already has the mysterious vibe going for him with the Lincoln commercials he stars in, and we think he could definitely bring that aura to the Most Interesting Man. Plus, he’s already involved in the spirits business as Wild Turkey’s creative director, so he might actually know a thing or two about how to sell some booze. Bring on the bongos!

Bonus: Salma Hayek

(image: Variety)

Dos Equis recently announced it’s open to having a Most Interesting Woman alongside its new lead actor, and we think Hayek would be perfect for the job. The Mexican-American actress is the posterchild for badass female leads. And we can totally picture her slaying the “stay thirsty, my friends” signoff line.

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