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30K Liters of Prosecco Lost After Tank Explosion

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From bourbon warehouse collapses and destructive rum fires to the theft of a vineyard’s crop, it sure has been a rough year for lost liquor. And we’ve got more bad news.

A winery in the Italian region of Veneto lost approximately 30,000 liters of prosecco last week. An apparent failure with one of its pressurized fermentation tanks caused the bubbly beverage to overflow from the top of the tank, spilling out onto the ground below.


The tragic moment was captured on film by an employee at the winery. The cause of the spillage has not been confirmed, but the major leak could have been due to an overfilled tank or a fault that had developed on the lid. Around 40,000 bottles worth of prosecco were lost.

You can watch the disastrous video here.

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